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At home, saving lives 

The COVID 19 pandemic is having a crippling effect on the world. The world as we know it has changed and once this pandemic is over it will be a new normal. As we work towards reshaping our future, we must not forget to embrace, empower, and mainstream the vulnerable. We should stay positive and believe that It Will Get Better - for us, families, and communities at large. Keshav Suri Foundation's motto could not resonate more in these times, being positive and hoping that we will get better and making it better not just for our community but humanity.

We have taken the lead through a series of initiatives to support the nation by providing them financial assistance as well as food supplies to the marginalised through government shelters and NGOs. It is imperative for mankind to set differences aside, and work together as one in our efforts for survival.
Stay healthy, stay safe! -  Keshav Suri

We are providing the NGOs fruits, vegetables and groceries to help them battle hunger. To some NGOs, we have donated funds. Under the banner of KSF, we have distributed over 10,000 kgs of food supplies. Our support activities continue as you read this. To know more click here.
The team has also planned a series of virtual talks, interactions, and workshops with Nipun Malhotra (founder of Nipman Foundation), Sushant Divgikar (model, actor, drag performer, singer and video jockey) Deepak Kashyap (Master Trainer and Psychotherapist), Celina Jaitly (model and actress), MX Dhanjay Chauhan (Reformer, Human rights activist and counselor) and Zainab Patel (D&I head at KPMG India and Human rights activist). To check out our previous LIVE sessions click here
Update from FICCI Task Force on Inclusion and Diversity -
The Foundation has also taken the initiative of extending mental health support to people who need help. Our onboard counselors are giving free counseling to help people cope up with the situation.
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While we say goodbye for now, here is some positivity brought to you by It Gets Better India. Tune into the journey of iconic DJ Ma Faiza known as the 'Mother of Electronica' in India. 

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